How to Configure Netgear Wifi Range Extender with iPad –

By | June 25, 2018

In order to access on your Apple iPad, you need to configure the Netgear Wifi range extender with your iPad. The configuration with Apple iPad device can provide high internet speed to every location under the wifi range. The user should keep the Netgear Extender near to the router for its initial setup while later you can relocate your router, the extender will provide best wi-fi speed to the users.

The process begins to connect your iPad device to your Netgear extender network.  It can happen only when router and your Extender are powered on and connected to each other wireless. When you access your iPad, its wifi connection will show as a Netgear_ext network. Get connected to this.

  • Now, almost the extender interface automatically gets open on the screen if it is not then it’s time to browse the Genie Interface or Netgear Extender interface using
  • Click on the Yes and then click on the Continue.
  • It will show configuring the Extender, click on Yes and then Next
  • The Netgear Genie will take time to search for the Wifi networks within its range.
  • It will show a list of wireless networks existing in the range. You can select your wifi network.
  • Enter the wireless network password which you usually used to access It is by default ‘admin’ but if you set a new password then type the new password and click on ‘Continue’. The extender interface allows you to change the security name when you require it.

When the extender gets connected to the existing wireless network, it will display the below screen.

  • If you change the password, it will automatically open your settings page. Again select your router and type the changed password. It will show you are connected.

You can go anywhere within your WiFi range, it will provide best internet speed. In case, it is not providing the expected speed then you can keep your wifi range extender near to your iPad device. In order to make any changes, you can again visit, make the required changes and click on ‘save’

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