Reset Wireless Netgear Router To Get Routerlogin Default Settings

By | May 1, 2018

When you are experiencing some problems to get into routerlogin, the initial step you should take to resolve the issue is ‘Reset Router’. Sometimes due to irrelevant changes in the settings, you may get the problem with your router. It automatically takes your router to its default settings and you can use your router as it is newly brought today. Another reason to reset your password is when you change router from wired to wireless connection rarely, it creates the problem for which resetting your router can do a good job to handle the problem.

Sometimes when the user changes the router password and forgets or lost the password, it creates problems for the users to access the routerlogin. Now, what to do?  The only solution to handle the problem related to your password is you should instantly reset your router and thus you will become able to reconnect with your Netgear Router Login using the Default Netgear Router Password. The majority of all technical issues recommend that one should reset the Router on the priority basis.

The process to reset your Router is easier but it may be a little bit difficult task to be performed by yourself so, you should have a sharp object like a pen or paper pin.

The Router can be reset only when your router is connected to the power. For your satisfaction, you can restart your router to resolve the problem. Otherwise, take the sharp object and using this, press the Reset button that is placed on the backside of your router.


Make sure to long press this button for minimum 10 seconds and then leave your router for few minutes.

Thus, you will reach the default factory settings. Actually, this process removes the whole settings that you made last time as a result if there is any technical issue appeared due to incorrect settings that will also be removed.

Surely, when you again make the whole Netgear Setup using either wired or wireless connection, you can use the default setting to access the routerlogin homepage. Remember to update the latest firmware to keep your router features updated.

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