Wifi Range Extender Firmware Update Using Mywifiext Net

By | May 16, 2018

Besides, connecting the wifi range extender, the extender local address Mywifiext Net also helps to update the firmware. The Range Extender is an additional device that you get with your Router but it can be attached to your router when you are getting trouble with the weak signals. Once you are connected to the extender, the signals will boost even in the dead zone. It does not require making too many changes. These are the simple instructions that you can follow in this way:

Update the Firmware 

Use the power adapter to power on your Netgear Wifi Range Extender. When it properly boots up, connect it to your router. Check the indicator lights will indicate you that you are connected properly. If it is not connecting then put your router near to the wifi range extender, it should be under the distance of 3 feet for fast configuration.

If the connection is configured, it will show the Mywifiext Net on your connected device. Unfortunately, if it is not displaying then Open the Browser > Type www.mywifiext.net.

Almost, the extender automatically picks the settings from the router. So, when it will ask for the username and password, you can use the password that you use to access Netgear Router Login regardless it is ‘admin’ or your previously changed password.

Now the web interface will open, it may show check, you can click on ‘Check’ to track the availability of new firmware. It may directly show the version of Firmware. You need to click on the firmware update and give your Router some time to update the firmware.

Mywifiext Net

How to Prevent Corrupt Firmware

Meanwhile, your router updates the firmware, don’t interrupt and don’t open any other tab. If you create any kind of disturbance, it may corrupt your router or may create any other problem to update the firmware using the Mywifiext Net.

Apart from this, you can also change the wireless settings, set a new password, monitor the guest networks and manage other settings with extender local address.

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